[theora-dev] Re: More Missing Pieces

Jens Arm Jens.Arm at gmx.de
Wed Feb 26 01:53:53 PST 2003

> > Because the tests I have done with this first alpha are very promisingly !!!
> This project could rock !!

I hope !!!, because Vorbis is a super audio codec !!!
And If Theora gets as good as Vorbis (Good quality at low bitrates)
it is getting the best codec for Video.

> > And the coding tests during development with many different videos are I think very helpful, to get a good
> > encoder.
> > This works very fine in the xvid/ffmpeg/mplayer Projects. They are doing everything in the public CVS
> > so you can test all things and report bugs as they come into being.
> Its not so very much the missing code in CVS thats a problem, but more 
> the missing discussion about how its progressing and what had to be 
> done. I know nobody will believe me here, but we could certainly give 
> some valid input about support for other codecs than the Xiph owned. 
> Unfortunately Monty and Tobias seem to develop Theora completely 
> isolated from the public.

Yes, no discussion on the theora-dev List :(

> > A second thing is the Tarkin/w3d - Video - Codec: The wavelet-math is very good for Image/Video-coding,
> > but it looks since a year or so that this codec-tests are dead, or ???
> Well, it seems the 3D wavelet is a *HUGE* task, but i wouldnt abandon 
> it. I am in contact with 2 developers creating a wavelet based video codec.
> One is Nicolas with his Rududu codec, performing a wavelet compression 
> on a frame basis, and the other is GLDM with his WARP codec, performing 
> wavelet over time ( up to 256 frames ). A combination of both would give 
> a nice tarkin ... lol

The rududu I have found, but it is for M$ :( and no source.
WARP I havn't found, or the site is empty. (Source/LINUX ????)

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