[theora-dev] Re: More Missing Pieces

Stan Seibert volsung at mailsnare.net
Tue Feb 25 19:22:46 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003-02-25 at 14:08, ChristianHJW wrote:
> Jens Arm wrote:
> > Yes, looks like they want to hide the developing process and the public CVS is
> > only used for checking in the releases. That is a pity :(
> It is possible that we and our project are somehow responsible for that. 
> I just hope anybody from the Xiph team could confirm i am suffering from 
> paranoia :-( ... if we were the reason for the 'hidden' development, 
> please believe me this was *NEVER* our intention.

Hah! Sorry, but you have got to be kidding.  I really doubt this has
anything to do with project rivalry.  From watching Vorbis development,
it seems that Monty is somewhat quiet.  That's just his style.  No
conspiracy there.

<p>> Its not so very much the missing code in CVS thats a problem, but more 
> the missing discussion about how its progressing and what had to be 
> done. I know nobody will believe me here, but we could certainly give 
> some valid input about support for other codecs than the Xiph owned. 
> Unfortunately Monty and Tobias seem to develop Theora completely 
> isolated from the public.

Based on seeing Monty pop up occassionally in IRC, he seems to be
working on a much more efficient version of libogg that will be needed
to more adequately support high-bitrate applications like video.  The
current libogg apparently does too many memory copies.  (The interim
version are tagged in the "ogg" module in CVS with the tag
"libogg2-zerocopy", but I have no idea if they work.)

Stan Seibert

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