[theora-dev] Re: More Missing Pieces

ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Tue Feb 25 12:08:31 PST 2003

Jens Arm wrote:
> Yes, looks like they want to hide the developing process and the public CVS is
> only used for checking in the releases. That is a pity :(

It is possible that we and our project are somehow responsible for that. 
I just hope anybody from the Xiph team could confirm i am suffering from 
paranoia :-( ... if we were the reason for the 'hidden' development, 
please believe me this was *NEVER* our intention.

> Because the tests I have done with this first alpha are very promisingly !!!

This project could rock !!

> And the coding tests during development with many different videos are I think very helpful, to get a good
> encoder.
> This works very fine in the xvid/ffmpeg/mplayer Projects. They are doing everything in the public CVS
> so you can test all things and report bugs as they come into being.

Its not so very much the missing code in CVS thats a problem, but more 
the missing discussion about how its progressing and what had to be 
done. I know nobody will believe me here, but we could certainly give 
some valid input about support for other codecs than the Xiph owned. 
Unfortunately Monty and Tobias seem to develop Theora completely 
isolated from the public.

> A second thing is the Tarkin/w3d - Video - Codec: The wavelet-math is very good for Image/Video-coding,
> but it looks since a year or so that this codec-tests are dead, or ???

Well, it seems the 3D wavelet is a *HUGE* task, but i wouldnt abandon 
it. I am in contact with 2 developers creating a wavelet based video codec.
One is Nicolas with his Rududu codec, performing a wavelet compression 
on a frame basis, and the other is GLDM with his WARP codec, performing 
wavelet over time ( up to 256 frames ). A combination of both would give 
a nice tarkin ... lol


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