[theora-dev] More Missing Pieces

Jens Arm Jens.Arm at gmx.de
Tue Feb 25 01:25:20 PST 2003

> > Which CVS do you mean?
> > In the theora-CVS on xiph.org there aren't any changes since 5 month !!!!
> > Why is the development not using this CVS?
> I think a better question is, why isnt alpha a tarball somewhere and CVS
> used for public development, as it's suppost to be.

The alpha-tar is here:
But it is the same old thing as CVS (theora-module in CVS) (September 25th, 2002)

> We cant really help (or even intelligently make suggestions on) work we
> cant see.

Yes, looks like they want to hide the developing process and the public CVS is
only used for checking in the releases. That is a pity :(
Because the tests I have done with this first alpha are very promisingly !!!

And the coding tests during development with many different videos are I think very helpful, to get a good
This works very fine in the xvid/ffmpeg/mplayer Projects. They are doing everything in the public CVS
so you can test all things and report bugs as they come into being.

<p>A second thing is the Tarkin/w3d - Video - Codec: The wavelet-math is very good for Image/Video-coding,
but it looks since a year or so that this codec-tests are dead, or ???

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