[theora-dev] Theora branch and win/mac codecs

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Sat Sep 28 09:28:07 PDT 2002

My understanding -- Monty or Emmett, feel free to chime in if you think this is incorrect -- is as follows:
www.theora.org is the home for all new releases of the Theora video codec (formally known as VP3).  This includes the main OGG/Vorbis integration product, which Monty is working on personally, as well as the QT and Windows codecs, both legacy VP3 versions and new versions reflecting any bitstream changes introduced going forward.
Right now, we have a strong need to recruit volunteers to help with the codec maintenance side of things.  So in answer to your question -- "Do you need someone to maintain these branches and the VC++ and CW projects?" -- the answer is an emphatic, yes!
Personally I am in violent agreement with your point that there needs to be a connect-the-dots between both MAC and Windows toolsets to the final OGG/Vorbis/Theora bitstream.  Monty & I have discussed this, and I think we're on the same page.  The only problem is that there are some pretty thorny format limitations, especially wrt AVI files and the old VFW interfaces (which Vdub and some other popular programs use).  These problems will necessitate putting some limits on what kinds of streams can be generated, so the codec versions (particularly on the audio side) may end up being subsets of the full OGG spec.
Right now, I am basically the de-facto point person on compiling the codecs.  I would very much like some help, particularly on the MAC side.  I've gotten some sporadic information that the OSX / QT6 codec in particular may be broken, or at least in ill repair.  I will gladly support you in getting this stuff up & running; we can take things from there.

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        Hi. Do you guys have plans to eventually merge the modifications done in the
        Theora branch back into the Win/Mac codecs? I am asking because I was
        working with the Win/Mac codebase, which makes sense for my application (we
        also want to run on OS9 and OSX carbon, so CodeWarrior needs to be used as
        the development environment.) Maybe it is too early to talk about this, but
        what do you think is the best route to follow? Do you need someone to
        maintain these branches and the VC++ and CW projects?
        Having the current codecs is very important imo because they allow people to
        use the commercial tools they already work with to compress VP3. I
        understand that AVI and QT files would not be the final format, but maybe we
        can code a simple tool to convert from AVI/QT files with VP3/Vorbis tracks
        to an Ogg stream, obviously without recompression. There are also several
        freeware/shareware tools for Windows and Mac (like VirtualDub) that are
        widely used, but they only work with VFW or QT codecs. Any thoughts on this?
        Mauricio Piacentini
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