[theora-dev] Using Theora Micro-HOWTO

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Fri Sep 27 13:43:52 PDT 2002

On Friday 27 September 2002 01:49 pm, Dan Miller wrote:
> cool.  I'm just up to the "autogen doesn't work" stage, so this should help
> alot.

If it'd help, I could conceivably post the configure script that autogen.sh
creates for me.  I imagine it should work on other linux-based systems.

The two problems I ran into with autogen.sh boiled down to:
1)don't install autoconf in two places and forget to clean it up later 
(probably not something very many other people will run into :-) )

2)make sure you've got 'development' packages including static libraries
for all of the relevant libraries (ogg, vorbis, esd, artsc, sdl...others?  You
may not actually need esd or artsc libraries if you don't have Gnome or KDE, 
respectively, but I don't honestly know.)  As far as I know, pre-built 
blahblahblah-devel.rpm or blahblahblah-devel.deb packages tend to include
the static libraries in them - what bit me is that I have been compiling
KDE from bleeding-edge cvs sources instead of installing prebuilt slackware
packages, and I hadn't realized that the arts sources default to not building 
a static library...

> I'd be curious if anyone gets this to work in cygwin -- I'm sticking with
> Redhat 7.2 to start, since I know I've got most of what I need compiled
> there.

Can't help you there, personally, but I wouldn't imagine it'd be too tough to
accomplish.  The existing utilities are relatively minimal, so I wouldn't
think it'd be hard for the cygwin package to handle, would it?
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