[theora-dev] Installing vp31vfw.dll - how?

Daniel B. Miller dan at on2.com
Mon Sep 2 13:17:28 PDT 2002

My understanding is that it should be fine to install the .DLL with no
registry key at all.  It will create one when first invoked.

Problems will occur however if someone has an old version of VP3 that used
different reg keys.  That is highly unlikely but you should probably cover
it in a readme.  Any previous installation of VP3 should be removed.

Another alternative is to let the user install vp3 from
www.vp3.com/getvp3.  However note that the builds there may be a bit out
of date.

<p> ___  Dan Miller
(++,) CTO and founder, On2 Technologies

On Mon, 2 Sep 2002, Thomas Tomiczek wrote:

> Hello,
> We put the DirectShow filters on hold till the release of our software
> (next week) and will integrate it into the first patch. Till then, our
> customers will ahve to live with a VP31 vfw hack.
> Now, my problem is that I need to integrate the vp31vfw.dll setup into a
> MSI file, because spawning another installer is not exactly an option.
> Can anyone post a list of complete registry keys that I need to push?
> My main prob,em is - I also downloaded the sources, but the .INF file
> tehre has very little resemblance with the registry keys I find on my
> computer :-(
> Regards
> Thomas Tomiczek
> THONA Consulting Ltd.
> (Microsoft MVP C#/.NET)

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