[theora-dev] Simple player and encoder binaries for Windows

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Tue Oct 29 09:59:07 PST 2002

note that there may be some changes to the Theora algorithm, ie it is a new release, that's why it's not called VP3. 
The plan was to get the bitstream down, then start on optimization.  I'm sure the original VP3 asm libs will be of great value but they will probably not work as-is.  Until optimization time, please do not assume anything about performance.

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        Just fyi there are already assembly versions of the critical functions
        available in the vp3 codec tree, for Windows and Macintosh. The current
        theora code however uses the slower C functions, for portability. I believe
        in the future (after 1.0 or very close to it) it may be possible to add
        these assembler files back to the tree at least for platform-specific
        builds, but this is the kind of work that really belongs to the end of the
        I don't think VP3 is a slow codec. It is too early in the theora cycle to
        tell what the real performance will be, and where to optimize. If the VP3
        code base is any indication it can perform very fast even on relatively low
        end systems (PII 300 or so.)
        Mauricio Piacentini
	> It could be recoded in assembler, but I hate to
	> do that if there are major changes to be made...
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