[theora-dev] Simple player and encoder binaries for Windows

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Tue Oct 29 10:01:28 PST 2002

on my machine (800 Mhz celeron laptop), I have two problems with playback using this binary:

1) image flickers (some frames are black).  To be fair, I've seen this problem with other players, ie RealPlayer and On2 players, so I wouldn't worry about it, it's probably a bug in my driver
2) sound cuts out at around 2 sec into piece.  From my days programming WaveOut, that sounds like you're getting one pass through your (circular?) buffer.  Or, if you're chaining buffers, somehow it isn't getting initialized correctly.
Looking forward to the code - dan

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        Binary, readme and test files at
        The player uses some video routines from player_example.c, but with a
        different audio and synch mechanism, built on top of PortAudio. This one was
        built with support for the Wave out device, but it is easy to change it to
        use DirectSound (or OSS in Linux and SoundManager/CoreAudio for the Mac.) I
        am planning to port this to Linux/Mac as well shortly. I will post the
        sources when it is done, or let me know if you want them in the current
        state (currently VC++/Windows specific, but I plan to clean them up and add
        at least a Mac project.) They also depend on the small patches I sent last
        week to the list, so I may need to post a complete working tree instead
        while the patches do not show up in CVS.
        I compiled the encoder as well, a quick port to remove some Gnu/linux
        specific functions not present on Windows (like rint() and the getopt
        package) and add some headers.
        Anyway, I hope these may be useful for a quick test until I have time to
        clean up the sources. Let me know if you find problems.
        Mauricio Piacentini
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