[theora-dev] Using the VP3 ENCODER in a DIRECTSHOW GRAPH wit defined quality and BANDWIDTH - HOW?

Thomas Tomiczek t.tomiczek at thona-consulting.com
Fri Aug 23 02:07:39 PDT 2002

Hi. Inline - with heavy cutting now...

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wit defined quality and BANDWIDTH - HOW?

<p>hi Thomas --

> Let us start with soeme questions:
> (a) Is there a lib with associated header file that I can then use to 
> link into the codec, or do I have to rebuild the codec here completly 
> myself? I would prefer to be able to create the filter dll without 
> having to go through the complete build process.

I think it's in your interest to build the libs yourself.  There are no
'official' libraries; the source code is what you have to start with if
you don't want to use the DLL's.  If you have build problems, please let
me know.  Once you are set up correctly (MSVC, service pak 4, intel
headers etc) it should be very straightforward to build the libraries.

*** Hm, MSVC, Service Pack 4 - what about current versions of MSVC? I
will get it and ry to compile it using MSVC 7 and upwards.

> (b) Is there a FourCC code allocated for the encoded video stream? 
> Basically, what would the FourCC code be if you would use the codec to

> encode video for an AVI file? I need this information for the 
> generation of the correct video subtypes :-)

The fourCC for Vp3 is "VP31".

*** Thanks :-)

> (c) Can you name me a header file that includes the definitions of the

> configuration functions the codec has, so that I can create a COM 
> interface for this.

The easiest way would be to start with vp31vfw.cpp & .h.  These
functions are called by the VFW interface, and are reasonably

*** OK.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but I need to be clear that it is
not possible for me to make any promises about supporting your task.  If
you think you're up to it, great. Our priority needs to stay focused on
improving the core technology and bringing it into the world.  Perhaps
others on this list will jump in and help.

*** Well, now frankly - "bringing it to the world" while ignoring THE
standard for video manipulation seems a little awkward for me. The
current standard for video encoding/decoding and a lot of other things
in windows is DirectShow, Video for Windows is outdated by a LARGE
degree. And wirting a DMO is pretty trivial :-)

*** You have some results hopefully on Monday - I will go for the full
build way - lets see where we end up.

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