[Speex-dev] about jitter buffer implement

烂馍馍. xialonghua at vip.qq.com
Fri Oct 28 02:51:06 PDT 2011

Hi all,
      I am new to use speex,and i have some questions about jitter buffer:
1. the 'step_size' param in function JitterBuffer *jitter_buffer_init(int step_size) mean what?i set it to 160,the timestamp how to define?
2. i new 2 thread , #1: put one package into jitterbuffer     #2: read one package from jitter buffer and send the data to soundcard.
    in Local Area Network, it works well.if in internet, i send 4 package #1 2 3 4 in order ,then receive #2 1 4 3.does jitter buffer works well?

how the jitter buffer work(brief introduction)? i read the source code, but there are some plece i cant understand.

sorry my poor english
Regards, lhxia
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