[Speex-dev] AEC learning behaviour

Maris Engineering mail at maris-ee.eu
Thu May 26 12:07:26 PDT 2011

> Yes, you are not forced to reset the AEC between calls at all, if you
> can assume the actual echo path (physical environment) will not change
> much, you can keep the instance and continue using it for the next call.
> Also what we did was keep the AEC running between calls - but we had a
> rather high-duty system with sounds and signals played between calls, so
> the AEC almost continuously had signal to stay adapted on.

This is the suboptimal approach...

> 2011.05.25. 20:29 keltez?ssel, Stuart O. Anderson ?rta:
>> Perhaps you could add a warm-start to the AEC, such that the parameters
>> start near the correct values on all but the first use?

... and this is considered to be the optimum approach (for e.g. stationary  

It is this latter which I asked in this mailing list about, some time ago,  
without reasonable answer. Stuart, do you know if it's possible to  
retrieve the internal state variables in order to reassign them upon  
startint a new VoIP-connection?


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