[Speex-dev] Blackfin assembly functions

Ronaldo Borges byasus at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 12:56:26 PST 2010


i'm working on speex version 1.2rc1 (downloaded at
http://www.speex.org/downloads/) and i'm porting it to Blackfin.

I have a question about these blackfin assembly functions:

compute_impulse_response (filters_bfin.h),
_spx_autocorr (lpc_bfin.h),
inner_prod (ltp_bfin.h),
pitch_xcorr (ltp_bfin.h),
open_loop_nbest_pitch (ltp_bfin.h),
pitch_gain_search_3tap_vq (ltp_bfin.h)

Does anybody know if these functions have the same result (the same input
file produces the same output file) as the "C" fixed point version?

Best regards,

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