[Speex-dev] herky-jerky audio

Jeff Ramin jeff.ramin at singlewire.com
Tue Nov 9 09:33:47 PST 2010

Just an update, and a follow-up question:

I'm making progress on this issue, and will likely have something working
very soon, now that I understand how the jspeex transcoding classes work.
Unfortunately, I will need to make a couple small changes to the jspeex
source code.

My question is - is anybody using jspeex for streaming speex-encoded audio?
It works great for static audio, but seems to fall short when processing 
on the fly in a stream.


On 11/05/2010 02:11 PM, Jeff Ramin wrote:
> On 11/05/2010 02:13 PM, Pascal Pochol wrote:
>> Jeff,
>>> I found the problem I was having (described below), and I'm now able to
>>> hear the audio at the destination.
>>> However, the audio does not play smoothly. It has hiccups and jumps and
>>> stops. I can't guarantee this is the problem, but it may be related to
>>> delays
>>> caused when the Speex2PcmAudioInputStream needs to process an Ogg
>>> page header.
>>> Has anybody else had problems decoding speex that is being streamed? 
>>> Any
>>> suggestions as to how to fix this?
>> We first used the speexenc speexdec sources which encapsulate into an 
>> ogg
>> stream. Once that worked we decided to get rid of the ogg encapsulator
>> altogether and keep only the speex stream data since we were in 
>> charge of
>> both encoding and decoding. The sample code at
>>     http://www.speex.org/docs/manual/speex-manual/node13.html
>> is IMHO a lot easier than having to deal with all the ogg 
>> encapsulation if
>> you don't need it.
>> -Pascal
> Thanks Pascal.
> I would actually love to do something like that, since I do control 
> both ends
> of the transmission. However, I need to integrate my new code w/ 
> existing code
> which uses Java InputAudioStreams (I'm using the jspeex library). 
> There doesn't
> seem to be a way to configure the stream to exclude the Ogg header 
> (short of
> modifying the jspeex code, which I'd rather not do).

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