[Speex-dev] herky-jerky audio

Pascal Pochol Pochol at WebfootGames.com
Fri Nov 5 12:13:57 PDT 2010


> I found the problem I was having (described below), and I'm now able to
> hear the audio at the destination.
> However, the audio does not play smoothly. It has hiccups and jumps and
> stops. I can't guarantee this is the problem, but it may be related to 
> delays
> caused when the Speex2PcmAudioInputStream needs to process an Ogg
> page header.
> Has anybody else had problems decoding speex that is being streamed? Any
> suggestions as to how to fix this?

We first used the speexenc speexdec sources which encapsulate into an ogg
stream. Once that worked we decided to get rid of the ogg encapsulator
altogether and keep only the speex stream data since we were in charge of
both encoding and decoding. The sample code at
is IMHO a lot easier than having to deal with all the ogg encapsulation if
you don't need it.


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