[Speex-dev] Speex AEC on ARM CORE (AT91SAM 9260)

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Wed Mar 3 06:32:58 PST 2010

i want to use SPEEX DSP AEC on Linux for local echo cancellation.
I have a tail length of 320 ( only for testing i want to user 1280) I 
have configured with:
  ./configure --host=arm-linux --disable-oggtest --with-ogg=no 
--disable-ogg --enable-fixed-point --disable-vbr
Because I don't have a FPU.
My Problem ist that the AEC usses 99% of my cpu.
Are there any suggestions for me to decrease the cpu load?
The other thng is, that I use the asynchronous API. Would it be good for 
teh perfomance using the sysncrnous api for that.
(speex_echo_cancellation(echo_state, input_frame, echo_frame, 
thanks in advance for you help
Best regards

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