[Speex-dev] speex as vocoder

Johan Kotlinski johan at teenageengineering.com
Thu Jun 17 05:22:04 PDT 2010


First of all, apologies if this question is too strange or off topic...

I have been using Speex as a vocoder, with narrow-band mode and quality 0. I think the results are very interesting, especially when feeding with non-speech data.

I tried a little to find some parameters to tweak, to make it sound more like a TI-99 or a Speak & Spell (maybe especially to make the pitch prediction worse), but found it difficult - when I change something, either things sounds as before, or are completely broken.
I wonder if any of you perhaps ran into some interesting accidents while developing, that I could try to reproduce? Or some good constant to tweak?

All the best,
ƃuıɹǝǝuıƃuǝ ǝƃɐuǝǝʇ
ıʞsuıןʇoʞ uɐɥoɾ

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