[Speex-dev] IOV

Mezo Tamas tmezo at iqs.hu
Thu Jan 14 15:59:44 PST 2010

Dear Jean-Mark,

I am using your really amazing speex codec with success for a year in my
narrow-band, cryptographic voip application (it is in testing phase only).
In literature, I have found some so called "IP Over Voice" (IOV, IPOV)
theory, which utilizes a CELP codec in inverse, transmitting any random
digital data as CELP synthetized voice though any voice transmitter
channels (CB radio, GSM voice call, telephone etc.), then converts it
back into bytes with low distortion/loss.

This is an example:

My first question is that if you have ever tried to make such an
My second one is that if you authorize me to use the source code of
Speex to create such means, and under what licence.
The third one, if you can give some initial tips to start with this project.

Best regards,

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