[Speex-dev] Question about encoding

guy mel melguy at gmail.com
Fri Aug 27 05:47:08 PDT 2010

Hey there =]

I intend to develop a voip application using the Jspeex (Java implementation
of Speex) library.
At this point, the progrm can capture the voice from the microphone to an
"ByteArrayOutputStream" object and play it back.
I`m willing to add the encode\decode features of Jspeex but I can't make it
to work, I`m probably missing somethnig.
The code (Part of it) :
 speexEnc = new SpeexEncoder();

  speexEnc.init(0, 5, 8000, 1); //narrrow-band, 5 quallity, 8khz, 1 channel

speexEnc.processData(buff, 0, buff.length); // 0 - the offset


buff is the byte array of the ByteArrayOutputStream (=the voice from the
the exception I get from processData() method is:
*"Insufficient float buffer to convert the samples"*, and this leads me to
the question.
Is it true that this type of encoding, can encode only 320byte? because the
size of the buff array is much bigger (I mean, huge).
Maybe I need a loop that gives to the processData() only 320byte each

thank you very much.
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