[Speex-dev] recorded and played frame synchronization issue

Andre Kirchner supercroc1974 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 13:28:44 PDT 2010

I did the following tests with the echo canceler, and realized that echo 
cancellation is not possible

1. Variable change of offset between 0 and 1 frame. Result: NO echo is canceled 
at all

2. Constant offset of 1 frame. Result: NO echo is canceled neither

3. Offset of 1 frame each 10 frames. Result: Some echo is canceled, but creates 
a bit of background noise.

Does anyone know what I could take a look at that could help me?

Thanks in advance,


>Regarding the echo canceler, how well should the recorded frame be synchronized 

>with the played frame? Would it work if the recorded and played frames passed to 
>function speex_echo_cancellation are not synchronized, but there is a changing 
>offset between - 20 ms and + 20 ms?
>Thanks in advance,


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