[Speex-dev] Small inexpensive SBC for Speex? How about the TIC5505 eZDSP?

David Siebert david at eclipsecat.com
Fri Aug 6 08:47:08 PDT 2010

I am looking for a small easy to use inexpensive SBC to use in a project
using Speex.
The best solution I have found it the TI C5505 eZDSP Stick.
The specs I want is.
Must encode Speex in real-time, have a UART, audio in and out plus some
GPIO lines.
It would be nice if it could handle MP3,OGG,  and Flac playback but if
it can encode speex playback of those formats should be simple.
Any comments or suggestions if this is a good solution or not would be

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