[Speex-dev] speex-1.2rc1 breaks ABI on OS X

Hanspeter Niederstrasser fink at snaggledworks.com
Mon Aug 2 05:44:26 PDT 2010

I'm currently working on packaging the latest version of speex for Fink, 
a Mac OS X package manager.  Our current speex version is at 1.1.6, and 
several new programs require a newer version, which is why I'm working 
on the update.

When 1.2b3 was released and some symbols were offloaded to 
libspeexdsp.1.dylib, this broke the library on OS X since 
libspeex.1.dylib kept the same install name but with a deficient ABI. 
Therefore any binary expecting to find these symbols in libspeex.1.dylib 
would fail with unresolved symbols after an upgrade.


Hanspeter Niederstrasser
hanspeter at snaggledworks.com

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