[Speex-dev] Decoded output buffer size

Daniele Barzotti daniele.barzotti at eurocomtel.com
Wed Apr 14 07:50:12 PDT 2010

Il 14/04/2010 14:37, Randy Yates wrote:
> Usually a buffer is one frame of data, and a frame is 20 milliseconds.
> Since the sample rate is typically 8 kHz in narrowband mode, this
> corresponds to a buffer size of 160 samples.

Hi Randy, thanks for the reply.
So, suppose I encode an audio buffer (8000 kHz, MONO, float) of 640 PCM
In output I have 4 speex frame of 20 byte each that I put in a RPT
payload of 80 bytes:

UINT CSpeexCodec::Encode( float *inBuff,
                          const char**outBuff,
                          UINT BufferFrames )

  while (BufferFrames>0)
    speex_encode(spx_state_, inBuff, &spx_bits_);
    nbBytes += speex_bits_write(&spx_bits_,
    inBuff+= spx_frame_size_;
    BufferFrames -= spx_frame_size_;

  ..nbBytes is 80 bytes..

Now I send this packet over the network and, into the receiving side, I
need to recreate the original PCM buffer (640 frames).
But how can I know the size of each speex frame into a multiframe payload?


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