[Speex-dev] how to set paras of speex

Hyee Wang hyeewang at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Sep 18 00:47:36 PDT 2009

Hi,I am using the speex 1.2rc1.
I wonder what is the relation of 3 parameters as follows.
--quality n        Encoding quality (0-10), default 8
--bitrate n        Encoding bit-rate (use bit-rate n or lower)
--comp n           Set encoding complexity (0-10), default 3
Providing I wanna a certain speech quality in 8khz, how should I set the 3 parameters?
In my coarse and old opinion,at least 2(ie. bitrate and quality) of those 3 is repeated and 
useless. The higher is the bitrate,the higher is the speech quality.
Becoz I am new to speex,study it from all of you.
what is actual meaning of that 3 parameter?
How to set such 3 parameters?
Best Regards

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