[Speex-dev] noise from decoded file

Tim Rijavec rico at gama.us
Wed Sep 16 07:19:26 PDT 2009

can anyone recognize that pixel noise in the playbackfile

recorder file:
playback file:

i have no idea what that is anymore. i try everything i know, from changing
the way of copying data to different encode/decode algorithms

the recorded file is clean, without noise, but the playback file i get from
the decoder has that noise.

thanks for your time&help.

the code is of codec is here:

codec.cpp:  http://barvanjekode.gama.us/temp/1733774211.html
codec.h   : http://barvanjekode.gama.us/temp/1745553050.html

Lp, Tim
| email: rico at gama.us      |
| www:    http://gama.us   |
| tel:    00386 31 457 627 |
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