[Speex-dev] TI Davinci DM Serias

Kfir Yehezkel - Nayos kfiry at nayos.com
Sun Jun 28 07:04:04 PDT 2009


Hi, I am attempting to port the speex library to TI Davinci DM35x Family.

My questions are:

1.       What is the best ./configure option for it? Is it ARM5e / ARM4 ?
when I tried these two the during the compiled a warning 

"I suppose you can have a [ARM4/ARM5E/Blackfin] that has float

2.  is there any available demos for the echo cancellation because I can get
it work. 

I am using it with the API call "speex_echo_capture", and
"speex_echo_playback" on different threads when doing so the CPU loads
reaches 80% (instead pf 4%) and I always gets  the messages:


Auto-filling the buffer (your application is buggy and/or got xruns)

Had to discard a playback frame (your application is buggy and/or got xruns(

No playback frame available (your application is buggy and/or got xruns)


Please help.


Best regards,

Kfir Yehezkel 




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