[Speex-dev] Speex on windows, audio cutting out ("bug" discussion and fixes)

David Hogan david.hogan at freshtel.net
Wed Feb 11 19:01:31 PST 2009

> We do mutex access to each speex state, but we rely on the re-entrance
> of the API and do not mutex around all access to the API.
> However, when I am only listening to one person (and therefore only
> one speex state) I'm essentially mutexing the API :) and the high pass
> filter buffer goes to NaN.

Hi Kelly,

It's seems unlikely that the problem is with speex itself, as many other
people are able to decode speex audio without issue. We're using it on
Windows, OS X & iPhone OS in narrow and wideband modes, and additionally
on linux within Asterisk. Are you able to reproduce the issue with the
example speex programs? Perhaps there's a concurrency / initialization
issue on the encoding side, which produces a corrupt speex stream.

What sort of Mutex are you using ? I don't know what lightweight threads
are, but if they somehow all exist within one OS thread then they might
just recursively lock the same mutex instead of acually blocking.


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