[Speex-dev] Bitrate Question

Ilya ilch1 at netzero.net
Mon Sep 15 06:11:06 PDT 2008

Hello developers,

I have a question about supported bitrates for SPEEX.  Regardless of whether I specify a 10kbps or a 8kbps bitrate, the encoded .spx file is the same size and have the same PESQ value.  This makes me wonder if SPEEX supports arbitrary bitrates, or only a certain set.

A few more details about my configuration:
I am using SPEEX encoder version 1.1.12
I am encoding a narrowband (8KHz) wav file

The exact commands I issue are:
speexenc --bitrate 8000 file.wav file8.spx
speexenc --bitrate 10000 file.wav file10.spx
Both of the encoded files, file8.spx and file10.spx are the same size.

Please advice on what I am doing incorrectly.

Thank you,

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