[Speex-dev] VS2005 build stability?

Stefan Reuther streu at gmx.de
Fri Oct 3 04:54:27 PDT 2008

Hi there,

Alexander Chemeris wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 7:15 AM, Jean-Marc Valin
>>David Hogan a écrit :
>>>That said, we don't use the supplied project. We simply compile in
>>>the speex .c files. You could easily replace the Win32 build files
>>>with a readme showing which .c files NOT include in your project
>>So far, it seems like the most sensible idea I've heard on that topic.
>>It probably wouldn't be hard to have a small script that produces an
>>exact list of files from the autotools files. Another advantage is that
>>those who can't figure out how to create a project from these
>>instructions probably shouldn't be using Speex to begin with :-)
> I hate to see every user do the same work, which can be done
> by a one user for everyone benefit.

Seriously: does this really mean so much work to you?

When I started playing around with Speex, I unpacked the tar file,
dragged all Speex source file into the VS project manager, deleted all
that contained a 'main' routine, done (those are quickly identified by
the linker's "duplicate symbol" errors :-). This took about five
minutes. Finding the VS project of the right type, checking whether it's
current, and hooking that into my VS project wouldn't have been faster.

That aside, of course the VS compiler can also be used from a Makefile.
The compiler is "cl.exe". I compile most of my stuff this way,
especially because this way I need just one Makefile for all VS
versions. Most of the time, it is a variation of
   OBJS = file1.obj file2.obj file3.obj
   CC = cl

   foo.exe: $(OBJS)
      $(CC) -Fefoo.exe $(OBJS)

      $(CC) -c $*.c
Doesn't look much different from a 'nix Makefile to me.

> PS With cross-compiling from Linux there is a subtle point.
> Some users want to have static library, and some users
> want to compile for WinCE, which is easy to achieve if you
> have project files.

This is also easy if you have a configurable Makefile.


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