[Speex-dev] Stand-alone echo cancellation

Mike Ball Mike.Ball at nuvation.com
Wed Oct 1 11:19:42 PDT 2008

Hello all,


I'm a hardware person who has recently found himself thrust into a
software role. So, please forgive any ignorance in the following
questions. I've tried to do my homework reading the relevant manual
pages and investigating the Doxygen documentation. :-)


We're investigating acoustic echo cancellation solutions for a speech
application. Our hardware will be a TI C64x+ series processor (DM6467)
which has both a DSP and ARM9 core. Our audio will be sampled at 8kHz
and fed in through the I2S ports on the DM6467, echo cancelled, and then
encoded in G.711. As such, I'm really interested in the echo
cancellation component of Speex, but not in the encode/decode. Finally,
only one channel of audio needs to be echo cancelled in the system. So,
here come the questions. :-)


1. Is it possible to call speex_echo_cancellation() on audio frames not
already encoded in Speex?


2. Can anyone compare / contrast the features of Speex's echo
cancellation versus those of, say, Ittiam
(http://www.ittiam.com/pages/products/aec.htm ) or Adaptive Digital?
Obviously these are expensive and powerful commercial packages which
probably don't compare well with a package like Speex, but I'd just like
to get a sense of what the differences are.


Thanks for your help!


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