[Speex-dev] VS2005 build stability?

Alexander Chemeris Alexander.Chemeris at sipez.com
Fri Oct 3 00:47:02 PDT 2008

On Fri, Oct 3, 2008 at 7:15 AM, Jean-Marc Valin
<jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca> wrote:
> David Hogan a écrit :
>> That said, we don't use the supplied project. We simply compile in
>> the speex .c files. You could easily replace the Win32 build files
>> with a readme showing which .c files NOT include in your project
>> file.
>> If you'd like, I'd be happy to produce a readme file on how to make a
>> VC project file for speex. Although this approach would require a
>> small amount of effort by each user, it would be resistant to being
>> made obsolete by either new .c files or a new compiler release, and
>> could be maintained by the same person maintaining the autoconf build
>> system.
> So far, it seems like the most sensible idea I've heard on that topic.
> It probably wouldn't be hard to have a small script that produces an
> exact list of files from the autotools files. Another advantage is that
> those who can't figure out how to create a project from these
> instructions probably shouldn't be using Speex to begin with :-)

I hate to see every user do the same work, which can be done
by a one user for everyone benefit. Every time VS projects become
outdated, someone come up with a solution and this gets fixed
very soon. I don't see why you should bother about this, keeping
in mind you don't use VS - users of VS (me included) maintain
them quite well, answer questions of other users and never
blame you for VS build system breakage. These files are even
located in separate directory! If you don't like this directory - rename
it to .win32 and it will disappear from you 'ls' output. I'd say -
do whatever you want, even cross-compile official windows
binaries from Linux, but don't make your users upset by
telling them they should do the work someone have already done.

PS With cross-compiling from Linux there is a subtle point.
Some users want to have static library, and some users
want to compile for WinCE, which is easy to achieve if you
have project files.

PPS And please, don't forget, that we need to compile
two libraries (libspeex and libspeexdsp) and a good bunch
of test/example programs.

Alexander Chemeris.

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