[Speex-dev] MKL Patch

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Tue May 27 21:27:24 PDT 2008

>> Considering that FFTW also sells licenses for non-GPL use, I tend to
>>  prefer the FFTW licensing over MKL. Note that GPL doesn't mean
>>  non-commercial. When RedHat sells a Linux CD, it's commercial although
>>  there's lots of GPL software included. In any case, since there's
>>  probably people who want MKL, I'll probably merge that too after I can
>>  have a look at it.
> Don't compare apples with oranges. Distribution of commercial software
> and commercial distribution of free sofware aren't the same. And I think
> it is no doubt that most commercial software have closed sourced, and
> that GPL and closed sources are not compatible. :)

"commercial software" != "proprietary software". The former is poorly
defined in the first place, but implies "software sold for money",
regardless of whether it's open source or closed source. That includes
most Linux distributions. FFTW prevents you from using it (without
paying) in *proprietary* (well any non-GPL) software, while Intel
prevents you from using MKL without paying in *commercial* software. The
distinction is very important.

In any case, because Speex is BSD, neither FFTW, nor MKL will ever be
enabled by default because I don't want people to unintentionally
violate licenses. To enable FFTW, you currently need to configure with
--with-gpl-fftw to make it clear what you're doing. Or maybe I should
change that to --with-fftw-which-will-turn-the-result-into-gpl-software
:-) The MKL option will be similar, again so nobody ends up distributing
the resulting software thinking it's still BSD.


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