[Speex-dev] Speex realtime encoding/decoding "Real world" usage for Windows Mobile / Symbian device

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) lists at infosecurity.ch
Thu May 22 08:26:23 PDT 2008

Dear all,

i am currently evaluating which codec to be used for a "very narrowband" 
voice communication system (using either VoIP either GSM CSD) on mobile 
devices running Windows Mobile and Symbian OS.

I had experience in using AMR-NB 4.75 with VAD on Symbian OS and all 
worked very well.

However, AMR it's not royalty free and if i need to use it on Windows 
Mobile i will need to pay a quite expensive royalty for each peace of 
software distributed (not sold, distributed!!!).

So, i am evaluating other codes and the only real alternative capable of 
running on a 9.6kb/s link seems to be speex.

Now, i discussed with several embedded VoIP implementators and some said 
that Speex simply does not work on mobile devices.

I got the feedback that Speex require too much computation power to run 
on Symbian OS and Windows Mobile devices doing encoding/decoding in 
realtime with all the Narrowband-enabled features.

I crawled the mailing list archive and the internet and i was not able 
to find out a precise answer to my doubt.

I would like to ask for REAL WORLD experience in using Speex for 
encoding/decoding in realtime voice streams on mobile devices.

Does exists a Symbian OS product doing encoding/decoding in realtime 
with speex?

Does exists a Windows Mobile product doing encoding/decoding in realtime 
with speex?

Does anyone had real world experience with such kind of codec?

If not i understand that the speex code it's still not mature enough for 
Mobile environment VoIP and audio streaming.

Waiting for answers, being positive or negative.

I think that this thread would clarify the idea to a lot of programmer 
willing to evaluate the codec choice for their products.

Kind Regards
Fabio Pietrosanti

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