[Speex-dev] preprocess VAD

Stebbins, Kevin (GE EntSol, Security) Kevin.Stebbins at ge.com
Thu May 15 08:43:03 PDT 2008

    I'm working on  an emebdded telephony project that primarily
requires a VAD.  After reading the manual and looking at the source
(version 1.2 Beta 3). it is not clear whether the VAD is functional. In
preprocess.c the comment   "speex_warning("The VAD has been replaced by
a hack pending a complete rewrite");
      st->vad_enabled = (*(spx_int32_t*)ptr);
As stated, for now I'm primarily interested in the VAD (compression is a
later task).  Can you provide any additional information on whether the
preprocessor VAD is functionional.  any code examples on how to use
Speex's VAD would also be helpful.
Thanks in advance 
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