[Speex-dev] Plain Speex, or GStreamer?

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Mon May 5 18:58:47 PDT 2008

Joshua Gargus wrote:
> Our app needs to support multiple media types, so GStreamer would seem  
> to be the obvious choice.  However, voice quality is paramount for  
> us.  Are there any disadvantages to using the Speex plugin for  
> GStreamer as opposed to directly coding to the Speex API?

Don't know gstreamer well, but I assume that not all encoding options
are supported in gstreamer. If you only want the standard options (which
is what I recommend unless you *know* you want something else), it
should be the same. The decoder will likely work the same.

>  In  
> particular, does the GStreamer element fully support the echo- 
> cancellation and jitter-buffer features of Speex? 

I highly doubt it.

> Are there any other  
> pitfalls that a naive developer (and new to both APIs) should be aware  
> of?

I assume your application is VoIP or something vaguely similar. In that
case, the hardest thing to get right is doing the soundcard capture and
playback without having a huge buffer, not getting xruns (skips).


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