[Speex-dev] How many RAM Speex need??

Jim Crichton jim.crichton at comcast.net
Thu Mar 27 08:44:39 PDT 2008

I use Speex on a C5509A DSP, which has 256k bytes of RAM for code and data. 
Speex fits very comfortably in less than half of this memory.  However, I do 
not have room for the echo canceller code in my overall application.  In 
your case, with the large Flash, the code space should not be a problem. 
However, I believe that you will need wait states to run from Flash, so 
performance could be an issue.

You should be able to move a few critical routines into internal RAM and run 
everything else from Flash, and run all that you need on this platform.  It 
will take some experimentation, though, to work out what needs to be moved 
to faster memory.  Hopefully, you can sort that out in the TI simulator.

- Jim

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> Jean-Marc Valin escreveu:
>>> My name is Vasily.
>>> I am a software developer from Ukrane, and i am going to use Speex on
>>> TMS320F28335 DSP-controller wich has only 68KB of RAM.
>> Assuming you've got ROM to hold the code/constants and that RAM is only
>> used for variables, then 68 kB should probably be enough.
> I am concerned if the TMS320F28335 as a whole can handle speex:
> 16 bits, 150MHz, dual MAC, floating point
> 512kbytes Flash, 68kbytes RAM, with DMA
> Digikey $26/100 to $30/1, not available, Mouser same$, available
> Or even the TMS320F28235:
> almost the same, no floating point, $3 less
> Tools $500, starter kit not available
> It is a very interesting *all-in-one solution*...
> thanks for any comment,
> Alain
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