[Speex-dev] Ugly speex_preprocess_state_init_from_old

Peter Kirk pwk.linuxfan at gmx.de
Sat Jun 7 02:35:48 PDT 2008

Hi there,

attached is a patch which adds a speex_preprocess_state_init_from_old function 
to the preprocessor interface. This is used when you need to spawn a new 
preprocessor (e.g. due to changed sampling rate), but you want to save (some 
of) the adaptation the old preprocessor achived.

Note that the attached patch, though it apparently does work to at least 
preserve the gain of AGC, was writen with little to no actuall preprocessor 
knowledge, and will probably contain bugs.

This is not a merge request. If anything, it is a feature request for similar 
functionality, but writen properly :). It is my temporary sollution though.

I never made a mistake in my life.  I thought I did once, but I was wrong.
		-- Lucy Van Pelt
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