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Michael Jacobson Michael.Jacobson at ultratec.com
Tue Jan 22 06:54:52 PST 2008

yes, our DSP is 16 bit based, and if those bits of code aren't using 32 bit variables then yes that is what the warnings would be.  Does this mean that the preprocessor and echo canceller won't work as well because of this?

>>> Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca> 01/18/08 8:42 PM >>>

I think these warnings are due to your DSP being 16-bit and that bit of
code not being 16-bit safe (unlike the encoder and decoder). Can you


Michael Jacobson a écrit :
> Hi, I'm using 1.2beta3 on a 5416 DSP
> I have been getting warning messages that say:
> "kiss_fft.c", line 142: warning: shift count is too large
> I've noticed this on the echo canceller and the preprocessor.  all
> pretty much related to these two lines of code:
> kiss_fft
> C_MUL4(scratch[0],Fout[m] , *tw1 );
> mdf.c
> st->wtmp2[i] = EXTRACT16(PSHR32(st->W[j*N+i],NORMALIZE_SCALEDOWN+16));
> Is there some kind of switch I was supposed to throw to not get these
> messages? if not-are they hurting anything?
> -Mike
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