[Speex-dev] Shift count warning messages

Michael Jacobson Michael.Jacobson at ultratec.com
Fri Jan 18 13:25:20 PST 2008

Hi, I'm using 1.2beta3 on a 5416 DSP
I have been getting warning messages that say:
"kiss_fft.c", line 142: warning: shift count is too large
I've noticed this on the echo canceller and the preprocessor.  all
pretty much related to these two lines of code:
C_MUL4(scratch[0],Fout[m] , *tw1 );
st->wtmp2[i] = EXTRACT16(PSHR32(st->W[j*N+i],NORMALIZE_SCALEDOWN+16));
Is there some kind of switch I was supposed to throw to not get these
messages? if not-are they hurting anything?
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