[Speex-dev] Need some help on using Echo States

YUN TAO HAI mailinglists.hytparadisee at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 06:56:07 PST 2008

Hey guys, I need some help getting Speex Echo canceller to work.

My playback and recording are async. So I plan to use:

speex_echo_playback(echo_state, echo_frame);
speex_echo_capture(echo_state, input_frame, output_frame);

I am able to capture sound from mic at 8000 16 bits mono with 320
bytes per iteration. But I have no idea what the above parameters will
I use (I also have no idea what values make sense to setup the
EchoStates according to the format and the data size).

Would you suggest some value? I saw your testecho sample which uses
128, and 1024. But that doesn't work for me (I got access violation)

Million thanks


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