[Speex-dev] Problem related to Voice activity detection

Abdul Basit judiciousmind at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 7 03:34:38 PST 2008

hi guys,
  i am trying to develop an application having a capability to detect voice activity in voice stream and then record only portion of this stream which contains the activity. i went through these steps.
  1. Captured voice through Waveform Functions of Windows Multimedia API
  2. Started Speex Preprocessing liberary
  3. Turned on preprocessor by calling speex_preprocess_state_init and passing it 20 ms frame size and sampling rate
  4. Set VAD on 
  5. Copied byte data into  __int16 variables and  passed it to speex_preprocess_run function.
  in return of these steps i got wrong date back to me. could you please send me the sample code or could you identify the problem?
  i'll be thankful

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