[Speex-dev] speex_echo_cancelltion lost it's functions while Windows send out a sound.

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Apr 9 06:20:18 PDT 2008

OK, I finally had the time to have a look at the problem. Turns out that
(as usual), the problem is in the recording and not in the AEC.
Basically, everything goes well until near the end where there's an xrun
(glitch) on the capture and/or playback. That causes capture and
playback to be de-synchronised and prevents the AEC from working
properly. In the file I say, the de-sync at the end was >1000 samples,
so the AEC had no chance at all to cancel anything.


linzaihe a écrit :
> I'm using speex-1.2beta3 code's EC functions to surpass acoustic echo.
> Using 16bits 8000rate frame_size=160 on Windows.
> It works well at the most time. But I found that, during the talk, if
> the computer send out a sound(e.g. move the volume track bar ),
> speex_echo_cancel was killed.
> The attachment is a image:
> RecSink_bad4.wav is from network to speaker
> RecSource_bad4.wav is from mic to network (a sound burst at 8secs from
> computer )
> output.wav is the output file what I got using testecho.exe
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