[Speex-dev] speexdec 1.2.3

Jahn, Ray (R.) rjahn1 at ford.com
Tue Apr 1 15:36:39 PDT 2008

Dear Speex codec community:

I am working on conversion of voice files.  I could not figure out how to use speexdec.exe 1.2.3 in piped mode in order to avoid the creation of the potentially large intermediate *.wav or *.pcm files.  Any pointer to web or file of instruction is appreciated.

Attempt (one long command line, failed):

type d:\test.spx | "d:\speex 1.2.3\bin\speexdec.exe" - - | "d:\lame 3.97\bin\lame.exe" --preset voice - - > d:\test.mp3

Undesirable (working, 2 steps, create intermediate *.wav):

type d:\test.spx | "d:\speex 1.2.3\bin\speexdec.exe" - d:\test.wav
type d:\test.wav | "d:\lame 3.97\bin\lame.exe" --preset voice - - > d:\test.mp3

In contrast, conversion from mp3 to spx using speexenc.exe 1.2.3 and lame.exe 3.97 in piped mode works fine.


Ray Jahn

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