[Speex-dev] cross compilation for ARM - ogg headers problem

Alexander Chemeris Alexander.Chemeris at sipez.com
Wed Apr 2 01:24:59 PDT 2008

On 4/2/08, Conrad Parker <conrad at metadecks.org> wrote:
> On 02/04/2008, Alexander Chemeris <Alexander.Chemeris at sipez.com> wrote:
>  > Yes, --without-ogg does not work in cross-compiled environment.
>  >  I fixed this and sent patch to this list. Conrad, try searching the list
>  >  for it if you want or just cross-compile libogg and use it.
> s/Conrad/Erwan/ :-)

Oops, sorry
Too many tasks in my head :)

Alexander Chemeris.

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