[Speex-dev] Patch for Analog Devices compiler & fixed-point AGC

Robin Getz rgetz at blackfin.uclinux.org
Thu Apr 3 07:07:32 PDT 2008

Sorry for delay - I was offline for awhile.

On Fri 22 Feb 2008 05:02, Stephane Lesage pondered:
> After hours of fighting with MinGW, which could not run autoconf and 
> automake on my windows... I finally wrote the makefile myself and got 
> Speex compiled with bfin-elf-gcc / bfin-elf-ar.

Hmm - I have not seen that - but I don't use Win that much...

> The ELF format is also used by VDSP, so I can link. But this was useless 
> anyway, as the calling conventions are different...

ADI/VDSP ELF is not compliant to the ELF spec as interperated by the GNU 

> Although uClinux is great and the GCC are very good tools, it's not an 
> option for me, because I need:
> - a small RTOS, where I can control hardware directly,

RTEMS, and uCOS compile very well with gcc too....

> and the VDK is just fine
> - an IDE with JTAG debugging, and VDSP is good enough.
> But maybe I'm wrong and we can debug using Eclipse without the gdbserver 
> running on the linux target ???

People do it all the time. gdb supports JTAG - we debug things like this all 
the time.

A good example is at:


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