[Speex-dev] pre-encoding and encoding optimizations

Andrea ass3mbler at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 15:15:12 PDT 2007

I'm sorry if this message is slightly off topic, but I'd like to know an
opinion from the speech compression experts reading this list.

I'm using spheex to encode human voices at about 15kbps, with very good
results. I was wondering if this is the best situation for my setup where I
have all the voice pre compressed (not in real time) by very powerful
servers with (near) unlimited processing time and computational resources
and a client relatively slow (ARM4 processor at about 70MHz). The encoding
phase time lenght is not important, I can let it run even for days if it
helps compressing the output. The client decodes the data from a static
file. My hope was to obtain something of the same quality I'm getting with
at 15kbps with a lower bitrate, using more computational time and power on
the encoding phase. The audio source are very clean and very high quality.

Any hint?

Thank you in advance,


Jean-Marc, I can never say thank you enough for this wonderful software
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