[Speex-dev] some questions about speex on TMS and also unsubscribe

daryoosh goal ahmadagha23 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 7 08:05:57 PST 2007

  I have a question about speex on TMS320C54X:
  I have build and run the related project on Code Composer Studio IDE (ver. 3.1) and the male.snd (93.7KB) was its input file and malebits5x.dat (5.85KB) and maleout5x.snd (93.5KB) are output files. What is malebits5x.dat  file? if it is encoded file, why I could'nt decode it?
  Also if maleout5x.snd  is output recoverd file why after adding header I couldn't play it?
  The other question is that why the execution time of this project so long in simulator? Could you tell me its MIPS for TMS320c54cst? can I use speex for real-time telephony purpose? 
  ALSO how can I could prohibit receiving emails from speex-dev?

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