[Speex-dev] i need a help in getting some files which are missing in speex-1.2 beta 2

Kiran Chandran kiranchandran1 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 01:01:12 PST 2007


iam a PG student doing thesis work in CELP based speech coding

i need to implement the same in ti-6416 kit and i have seen the open
source "speex.org"

but i found 3 files missing in the source files package

the files are the following :

1.  types.h

2.  alloca.h

3.  _G_config.h

also i haven't got the source files ( *.snd files and *.dat files)  to
be encoded

that is male.snd and male1.dat files.  i have searched these files in

but can't get it.

so, please send me these files as early as possible.

Thanks & Regards

yours faithfully,


i am very very sorry if i hurt y by any means. this is an automatic heartly
response coming from server @www.heart.kirans.org. thank u
Thanks & Regards

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