[Speex-dev] i need a help in getting some files which are missingin speex-1.2 beta 2

Jim Crichton jim.crichton at comcast.net
Tue Nov 6 03:24:17 PST 2007


This is a problem with your build environment, not with Speex.  The TI code examples in the Speex source tree build with TI's Code Composer Studio environment.  You should have this with the 6416 kit, but you may have some kind of path issue.  If you describe what version of Speex you are trying to build, and what environment you are building in, it will be easier to help you.

You get male.snd by chopping the header off of male.wav (as I recall, it is the first 74 bytes).  I do not see male1.dat referenced in Speex.


Jim Crichton
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  iam a PG student doing thesis work in CELP based speech coding

  i need to implement the same in ti-6416 kit and i have seen the open
  source "speex.org "

  but i found 3 files missing in the source files package

  the files are the following :

  1.  types.h

  2.  alloca.h

  3.  _G_config.h

  also i haven't got the source files ( *.snd files and *.dat files)  to 
  be encoded

  that is male.snd and male1.dat files.  i have searched these files in

  but can't get it.

  so, please send me these files as early as possible. 

  Thanks & Regards

  yours faithfully,


  i am very very sorry if i hurt y by any means. this is an automatic heartly response coming from server @www.heart.kirans.org . thank u
  Thanks & Regards



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