[Speex-dev] compatibility issues.

Greg caroundw5h at yahoo.com
Thu May 24 12:54:37 PDT 2007

I've enocded and decoded a file using speexencexe/speexdec.exe respectively. However when i use the example code to encode a file and use speexdec.exe to decode it; not only do i get a file that is 3kb larger than if i had encoded it with the .exe but also I get a "this doesn't look like a speex file" message, and it is unable to decode it.

I've checked around  and it seems that all thats supposed to happen is the decoder should read the speex string on the encoded file to validate its type.

does this have anything to do with the message on the example code: "the packing used is not compatible with speexenc/speexdec" i know it may sound stupid but it is my first time using speex lib. as well i had assumed this was so and tweaked the decoder code to decode the same file that the example encode code made, but i get a "packet is larger than allocated buffer could not resize buffer, truncating input" message.

not sure if they are related so thats why i'm going back to the drawing board and coming here.


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